Lucas (CHAD ALLEN) and Heather (POLLY CUSUMANO) have grown up the closest of childhood friends in the small, close-knit town of Vega, Texas. But somewhere in their teen years, their bond transcends beyond friendship into true love. However, Lucas's father (MARSHALL TEAGUE), the wealthiest man in town, has higher aspirations for his son other than an early marriage to a girl "who doesn't even know who her daddy is." He wants Lucas to take over the family cattle business, and marry the "right girl."

Heather's mother (TAMARA CLATTERBUCK), meanwhile, has reared her daughter without benefit of marriage or money. Heather has blossomed into a beautiful, gifted young woman despite the hardships. Intelligent and independent, Heather accepts herself and others with a strong-willed sense of equality. In fact, her best friend, Maynard (RANSFORD DOHERTY), is the only black student at the K-12 school that they both attend.

At first, their romance is idyllic and life seems bright for Heather and Lucas on the surface. Heather appears to be bound for college, and Lucas expresses himself through his musical talents, athletic prowess and sensitivity. But the tide turns. Lucas becomes increasingly rebellious and withdrawn under the extreme pressure Raymond imposes on him. Heather learns she is pregnant and must tell Lucas. She does not know the identity of her father, something that she is determined "will not happen to her child." When Lucas is on his way to the basketball state championship game, Heather tells him the news and he is elated. He excitedly promises her that he is ready to do the right thing, get married and do it because he is deeply in love with her.

Even with the young couple's intentions on track, lightening strikes. Lucas is seriously injured during the game, pushed beyond his limits by his driving father, who is also the school's basketball coach. Lucas is rushed to the hospital in a coma where he remains for more than a year.

When Heather gives birth to their son, Lucas' parents initially refuse to believe their son has fathered the child. Later, when Lucas awakens from his coma and returns home, his road to recovery brings him back to the frustrations he endured prior to the accident. After a tragic moment of truth when he contemplates taking his own life, Lucas devises a plan to make "what matters most" happen for everyone involved.



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