Beside the Warner family's vast cattleyards a determined father, Raymond Warner (MARSHALL TEAGUE), explains to his brooding yet sensitive son Lucas (CHAD ALLEN) what should matter most to him.
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Hard working, single mom Anita Stone (TAMARA CLATTERBUCK) attempts to convince her beautiful, smart and headstrong teenage daughter Heather (POLLY CUSUMANO) that she could end up in similar circumstances if she isn't careful.
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After a tragic accident Bunny Warner (GRETCHEN GERMAN) struggles with her intense anger at husband, Raymond Warner's (MARSHALL TEAGUE) ego-driven carelessness while they desperately need each other for strength and support. Meanwhile their young daughter suffers, silently eavesdropping on their fight.
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Scenes from "One Tough Biscotti:
A Woman, A Film And A Fight"

Jane Cusumano, Writer and Director of WHAT MATTERS MOST, talks about finding another lump in her breast, the metastasized breast cancer, days before she was scheduled to begin movie production. Her devoted husband, Jim Cusumano, Executive Director, reacts to the news.
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The irony of making a movie called WHAT MATTERS MOST while fighting for her life, does not escape optimistic Jane Cusumano, Writer and Director. Neither does her strong and pragmatic daughter, Polly Cusumano, who stars as Heather Stone, give into depression. Rather, she vows to be there for her mother.
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